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The Ultimate Yoga and Meditation Morning Routine

Early mornings can be tough – waking up before the sun comes out and rushing to get everything done before flying out the door on time. 

What if you could transform your mornings by waking up a few minutes earlier to implement a morning meditation routine? 

The best morning meditation includes yoga. Take a few moments out of your day to find mind, body, and spirit connection and prepare for the day ahead. 

What is Yoga Meditation?

What Is Yoga Meditation? 

Yoga and meditation date back thousands of years, often used hand-in-hand. While yoga and meditation are not synonymous terms, they are similar when it comes to intention. 

When you practice yoga, you are not only moving your body for strength and flexibility benefits but also recentering your mind on things that really matter.

This conscious mindfulness is an integral part of meditation as well. 

Find your best morning meditation by practicing yoga and meditation. 

The Origin of Yoga Meditation

Yoga has always included meditation, focusing on breathing in and out and centering your mind on the present moment.

Art of Living explains the transformation of yoga: “Yoga practice isn’t just exercise, it’s how skillfully we communicate and act in any given situation. So here, yoga is described more as a mind skill. In this sutra from the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, “Samatvam Yoga Uchyate”– equanimity in the mind is a sign of yoga. 

The ability to remain centered in adverse situations is yoga. Whatever brings us back to our nature, which is harmony and joy, is yoga. While physical practice of postures make the body healthy, pranayama and meditation take the mind deep within to the soul’s ancient roots. Uniting diverse aspects of life, of existence is yoga.”

Yoga history dates back thousands of years in ancient India. In recent years, yoga has been heralded as a form of therapy when combining yoga and meditation. 

Yoga can provide the best morning meditation to start your day off right.

Modern Roots of Meditation

Meditation dates back to ancient times as well when yoga and meditation were used hand in hand: 

“The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, outlining the eight limbs of yoga, was compiled between 400-100 BCE. During this same period, the Bhagavad Gita was written, which discusses the philosophy of yoga, meditation, and the practice of living a spiritual life.” – News Medical

By the 18th century, meditation grew in popularity among Western cultures. And now, 1 in 10 people say they have practiced meditation.

The Synergy of Yoga and Meditation Together

Blending Meditation and Yoga

Combine yoga and meditation to curate the best morning meditation routine for your mind and body. 

Of course, it’s important to move your body each day. But what if you found purpose and mindfulness as you move? 

Take care of your mental and physical health one yoga session at a time. 

With one click, you can start your favorite class with Powerflow On the Go. Embrace the morning stillness as you begin your yoga meditation session

The Benefits of a Blended Practice

What are the benefits of morning meditation mixed with a yoga session? 

Check the box for exercise and prepare yourself for the stressful day ahead by empowering yourself to take on the day and all its challenges. 

You will find a variety of benefits when you practice the best morning meditation with yoga. Read on to learn more about the benefits available to you. 

Yoga Meditation Morning Routine

Yoga Meditation Morning Routine

Imagine a quiet morning as the sun is about to rise. You can hear birds chirping while you set up your yoga mat in a calm corner of your home or out on the back patio. 

Yoga is a part of the best morning meditation because it requires very little equipment and can be practiced anywhere with the help of Powerflow On the Go

Why Meditate and Move in the Morning?

Waking up in the morning and looking far into the horizon is proven to improve your mental health. 

Whether you get out for a morning walk or meditation, taking in the fresh air and moving your body is always the best way to start your day. 

Why does the best morning meditation include yoga? You get to move your body, increase your heart rate, and intentionally breathe through your troubles. 

Push out your breaths and imagine all the negativity flowing out of your body from the day before. As you breathe in, welcome in a day filled with control over your thoughts and empowerment to face the challenges to come.

The intentionality of yoga and meditation in the morning will provide you with a morning meditation routine worth continuing.

Creating a Morning Meditation and Yoga Routine

That alarm clock goes off, and the last thing you want to do is roll out of bed and get moving. 

Ease into your new routine by establishing a regular bedtime. You will be surprised when you wake up before your alarm after sticking to your bedtime for a few days in a row. 

Tools for The Best Morning Yoga Meditation

Set up your mat before laying down the night before. Have your computer or phone queued up, ready to start your Powerflow session. 

Choose Power Hour for an invigoration session. Or keep it calm and enlightening with Restorative Yoga

Using Yoga and Meditation Together

Take advantage of your morning time by reaping dual benefits from exercise and mindfulness. The best morning meditation should always include yoga poses.

Set goals for yourself to achieve challenging yoga poses or hold a foundational pose just a little longer. 

As you see yourself improve in yoga and meditation, you will build self-confidence as well as self-discipline.

Find the Perfect Morning Flow  

The best morning meditation is easy when you know exactly where to start. 

Powerflow On the Go has all you need to combine yoga and meditation for a fresh start to your morning.

Benefits of Morning Meditation

Benefits of Morning Meditation

“A daily meditation practice can have many mental and physical health benefits. And, if you do your meditation first thing in the morning, it may help you set an intention for the rest of your day, and be easier to come back to each day.” – Insider

Implement self-motivation into your morning meditation routine. Focus on the good choices you made to get to that point in the morning. 

By celebrating your small victories, you will be more likely to return to your meditation routine the following morning and take advantage of the many benefits.

Improving Mental Clarity with Meditation

Think of how you feel when you start off the morning running around the house, barking orders to get everyone out the door on time. 

Does it feel good? When you finally sit down to work, do you feel ready to take on the day? 

Now, imagine how calm and focused your mind can be if you implement the best morning meditation by practicing yoga each morning.

Once you sit down to get things done, your mind is nourished and prepared for any setbacks or complexities that come along. 

Enhance Focus and Awareness

Clearing your mind of stress each morning through yoga meditation gives you a blank slate. Once a new stress arises, you have room in your cup to take it on. 

Refresh your mind through morning meditation, so you have room to focus on the important things in life. Your morning meditation should include prioritizing what really matters. 

Then throughout the day, you will be aware enough to make decisions with a north star to guide you. 

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Morning meditation will eliminate stress and anxiety that is building up inside of you. 

A recent study shows how daily meditation can relieve everyday stress.

“Compared to our control group, we found that 8 but not 4 weeks of brief, daily meditation decreased negative mood state and enhanced attention, working memory, and recognition memory as well as decreased state anxiety scores on the TSST. Furthermore, we report that meditation-induced changes in emotional regulation are more strongly linked to improved affective state than improved cognition. 

This study not only suggests a lower limit for the duration of brief daily meditation needed to see significant benefits in non-experienced meditators, but suggests that even relatively short daily meditation practice can have similar behavioral effects as longer duration and higher-intensity meditation practices.” – National Library of Medicine

If you can do something to reduce stress and anxiety in your life, it’s worth a try. 

Powerflow On the Go offers a 21-day trial so that you can implement the best morning meditation by practicing yoga with the best instructors around. 

Improve Productivity and Energy 

Morning meditation increases blood flow and oxygen to your lungs, leading to increased energy throughout your day. 

Meditation includes intentionality, which means you decide not to stay up until 2 am watching TV so that you can have a successful morning meditation routine in the morning. 

Empower yourself to make better decisions with the best morning meditation practices.

Start The Day On a Calm Note  

If you are healing from a sickness, mourning a death in the family, or facing troubles at work, you can prepare yourself to face the day. 

List the parts of your life you are thankful for during your morning meditation. Or think about nothing and force your mind to center on the present. 

These aspects of morning meditation will start your day on a calm note that will give you the tools to continue through the hard times.

Tips for Setting Up Your Yoga Space

Tips for Setting Up Your Yoga Space  

What is the ideal space in your home for morning yoga and meditation? 

Choose a calm corner of the home that is quiet but will also not wake up others in the household as you start your yoga session. 

Dim the lights or enjoy natural light coming in as the sun rises. 

Outside yoga practice is healing and beautiful when the temperature is right. 

Choose Comfortable Clothing

The best part about Powerflow On the Go is you can practice yoga from the privacy of your home without dressing for anyone else. 

Are you comfortable practicing yoga in your underwear? Go for it! What about your stretchy pants and favorite tank top? Set them out the night before.

Comfortable, non-baggy clothing is essential for yoga practice. As you move into each movement, you do not want baggy pants or a sagging shirt to get in the way of your yoga poses. 

Use a Non-Slip Mat

Depending on the type of yoga you choose, sweat can start to accumulate on the mat.

Choose a non-slip mat to make sure you are not slipping around as you are trying to nail a challenging pose. 

Find the Best Online Yoga Classes

The best online yoga classes are right in front of you. 

Powerflow On the Go has proven to be a sought-after yoga brand. Our instructors are highly-trained and specialized to bring you the best yoga sessions of your life. 

The best morning meditation includes yoga sessions from Powerflow On the Go

Modify to Fit Your Needs

Yoga is a versatile exercise that is suitable for all fitness levels. 

Whether you are nursing an injury, recovering from a long-term illness, or increasing in age, yoga is the perfect exercise for you.

Listen to your body as you move through each pose. The compassionate instructors will guide you through modifications using props or rolled-up blankets. 

You never have to feel like you are out of place when practicing yoga. 

Be Mindful and Keep Breathing

Breathwork is essential to yoga meditation. 

Listen to the instructor as they guide you through audible breaths in and out during each pose.

Control your thoughts toward positivity and inner peace. 

Find Your New Morning Flow

What is stopping you from finding the best morning meditation routine? 

Choose yoga and meditation to transform your mornings. A purposeful morning routine will prepare you for anything that comes your way throughout the day. 

Powerflow On the Go is a powerful tool that gives you easy access to all types of yoga classes, wherever you are. 

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