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Online Yin Yoga Classes: What You Need to Know

Yin yoga originates from the idea of yin and yang. 

A yoga workout can consist of yin, which is slow and passive poses yoga.

And yoga can also have a yang element as you move through the flows and kick up the pace a little bit. 

But what if the whole class focused on holding poses and maximizing mental endurance? 

That’s where yin yoga comes in. 

What is Yin Yoga?

What Is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga classes are ideal for working on the mental benefits of yoga. You will also tone and strengthen muscles through isometric yoga poses. 

What is yin yoga? Yin yoga is a session consisting of all yin poses that are held for long periods of time. 

These movements seem simple until you challenge your body to hold them for long stretches.

A yin yoga session is not easy. It is healing. It pushes you outside of your comfort zone. 

Yin yoga is for everyone.

The History of Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a relatively new form of yoga. 

Starting in the 1980s, Paul Grilley taught yoga classes that consisted of only passive or yin yoga poses. 

Yin yoga classes do not require a lot of muscle strength. Holding the poses for 3-10 minutes requires inner strength, even when the pose feels easy in the beginning. 

Yin Yoga vs. Other Yoga Styles 

Arhantayoga.com summarizes, “When Paul Grilley started to teach yoga, he got fascinated with the concept of long-held yoga postures. He got the idea that an entire yoga class could be yin in nature, without any yang postures at all: an entire Yin Yoga practice was possible. 

He started offering this “all-Yin” practice to his own Hatha Yoga students, and they too started to respond very well to the practice. This was a new way to look at a very old paradigm. Unlike Restorative Yoga, which can also be viewed as Yin-like, Paul’s Yin Yoga was designed for healthy students, not those recovering from an illness or pathology. Paul Grilley’s modern Yin Yoga was not easy: it was challenging. It took people outside their normal comfort zone, just as yoga had always done.”

What is yin yoga? A yoga experience worth looking into. 

Slow and Steady Movement with Yin Yoga

Yin yoga does not include vinyasa flows that move from one pose to another. 

Instead, thoughtful poses based on Hatha yoga are incorporated. The names are changed to eliminate confusion. 

Yin Yoga Postures

Start with basic yoga poses that are not intimidating. Instead, they are accessible to everyone.

Then hold the pose for 3-10 minutes each. For example, you may practice a complete yin yoga session and only move into three poses in total. 

Online yin yoga classes are enlightening as you experience a healing session in the comfort of your home. 

Powerflow On the Go offers top-quality yin yoga sessions at the touch of a button. 

The Benefits of Yin Yoga Classes

Benefits of Yin Yoga Classes

Consider how you can strengthen your mind as you get to sit with your own thoughts while pushing your body to experience the contraction of each muscle.

Stress Relief 

“A 2018 study including over 100 adults investigated the effects of a 5-week yin yoga program on its own and combined with mindfulness and psychotherapy.

Compared with the control group who didn’t do any type of yoga, the two intervention groups experienced significantly reduced physiological and psychological risks related to noncommunicable diseases, such as cardiovascular disease (2Trusted Source).

Both intervention groups reduced their levels of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The group that combined yin yoga with mindfulness and psychotherapy significantly reduced their stress levels.” – Healthline

What can you gain from online yin yoga classes? 

Observe the benefits for yourself when you start Powerflow On the Go’s 21-day free trial

Increases Circulation

Focus on breathing through each movement as you feel your body strength increase with each isometric pose. 

Yin yoga classes will increase circulation. If you struggle to breathe, your expert instructor will encourage using yoga props to assist the hold. 

Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion

Each time you try a yin yoga session, you will progress in the quality and length of pose you can hold.

Celebrate small victories as you improve your flexibility and range of motion.

Improves Sleep Quality

When you practice yin yoga, you will bring peace to your mind and body.

Use yin yoga classes to unwind after busy days so your body can feel relaxed and ready for rejuvenation. 

Encourages Mindfulness and Meditation

Yin yoga classes are therapeutic when recovering from an injury or prolonged illness. Try yin yoga to help with mental health and mindfulness.

Tips for Taking Online Yin Yoga Classes

Tips for Taking Yin Yoga Classes 

The-elbowroom.com prepares you for yin yoga classes: “Yin, on the other hand, puts both our bodies and minds through their paces. Holding the Yin posture for some time, the body has to endure a period where all those aches and tensions start to release, and it can be mildly uncomfortable when that build up starts to let go. Both in your body and your mind.

Believe me, when I say, your mind will start to bring up sensations of wanting to get out of the pose. And when you do, you will feel momentarily stuck. Before you stretch it out and allow all the unwinding to make essential space in your body.

It will also bring up emotions. This intimate practice of yoga requires students to be ready to get intimate with the self, with feelings, sensations, and emotions, can be easy to avoid in a fast-paced yoga practice.”

Not a Fast-Paced Class

Plan your workouts to enjoy yin yoga classes as slow-paced, strengthening classes for your mind and body. 

If you go in thinking you are going to have a fast-moving, exciting time, you will be disappointed.

Get Comfortable with Quiet

Step outside your comfort zone and learn to enjoy the quiet. 

Yin yoga will allow you to clear your mind with zero distractions.

Focus on The Pose

Turn your focus to holding the pose and contracting the appropriate muscles.

Just when you want to give up, turn inward and keep holding on. 

Pay Attention to Transitions

The transitions are just as important as holding your poses. 

Listen to the instructor as you slowly move into the next yin yoga pose. 

Yin Yoga Classes Offer Plenty of Benefits

What is stopping you from enjoying the benefits of yoga? 

Online yoga classes are available to all fitness levels through Powerflow On the Go.

Strengthen your mind, body, and spirit by trying a yin yoga session. 

Recharge Your Mind and Body with Online Yin Yoga Classes

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