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Power Yoga Benefits: The Full Body Workout at Home

When you think of high-intensity workouts, does yoga come to mind? 

The truth is that power yoga can be just as intense as your favorite HIIT workout session. 

Learn about power yoga benefits and how you can get easy access to a full-body workout at home. 

Physical Benefits of Doing Power Yoga

Physical Benefits of Doing Power Yoga 

Power yoga will strengthen your body and mind. As you push your body to the limits, you will challenge your mental endurance as well. 

Power yoga benefits have physical benefits that will benefit your overall health. 

Improved Cardiovascular Function

Increase heart health when you practice power yoga. 

A healthy power yoga session, like Powerflow’s Power Hour, will increase your heart rate and get your body sweating. 

Practice yoga regularly to increase lung capacity and build endurance for other physical activities in your life. 

Strengthen Your Muscles and Bones

Healthline describes, “When you hold your body in a particular position for more than a few seconds, it fires up your muscles and makes them work hard to keep you in a pose. This can boost your muscle strength and endurance in many parts of your body.”

Even though power yoga benefits include a fast-moving yoga flow, holding each pose for even a few seconds will strengthen your muscles and bones.

Practicing yoga regularly can increase bone density, preventing osteoporosis.

Help Lower High Cholesterol

Practice power yoga to lower your cholesterol levels. Regular exercise will improve your cholesterol and keep your body healthy.

In addition, when you practice mindfulness, you will be more aware of what foods you bring into your body. 

Choose healthy, lean foods as you continue your yoga journey. 

Improve Overall Brain Function

Increase blood flow to the brain and improve your brain function by practicing power yoga. 

With all of these power yoga benefits and more, what’s stopping you from trying a class? Start a session Powerflow On the Go with the click of a button.

Mental Benefits of Power Yoga

Mental Benefits of Power Yoga  

Now that you know all about the physical power yoga benefits, what about the mental benefits?

Yoga has the most mental benefits compared to any other exercise.

Decrease Cortisol Levels 

Power yoga has been proven to decrease cortisol levels, subsequently reducing stress. 

Choosing yoga for stress relief is a much better tool than other ways to deal with stress. Practice yoga instead of emotional eating or denying the need for stress relief.

Increase Memory and Awareness

“Studies using MRI scans and other brain imaging technology have shown that people who regularly did yoga had a thicker cerebral cortex (the area of the brain responsible for information processing) and hippocampus (the area of the brain involved in learn­ing and memory) compared with nonpractitioners. 

These areas of the brain typically shrink as you age, but the older yoga practitioners showed less shrinkage than those who did no yoga. This suggests that yoga may counteract age-related declines in memory and other cognitive skills.” – Harvard Health

Power yoga benefits go beyond mindfulness. Practice yoga to improve your memory.

Improves Focus 

Clear your mind during power yoga to alleviate stress from a long day. 

Once you experience stress relief, you are able to focus on important aspects of your work, family, and relationships.

Daily yoga practice is a great way to reset your mind and rid it of anything weighing heavily on your thoughts.

Increase Attention and Concentration 

When you are in tune with your mental capacity and regularly working to strengthen mindfulness, you pay better attention to everyday happenings.

Every aspect of your life is more intentional when you experience power yoga benefits like mind-body connection.

Improve Executive Functions

A recent study performed by the National Library of Medicine found that yoga improves executive function: 

“Results: Yoga participants showed improved accuracy on executive function measures and an attenuated cortisol response compared to their stretching counterparts who showed increased cortisol levels and poor cognitive performance at follow up. The change in cortisol levels as well as self-reported stress and anxiety levels predicted performance on the running span task, n-back working memory and task switching paradigm.”

Even if you are skeptical about how yoga can help, it doesn’t hurt to try. 

Full Body Workout at Home with Power Yoga

Full Body Workout at Home with Power Yoga

It’s easy to access power yoga benefits when you can start a session from your very own home.

Choose from a variety of sessions to find the classes that make you the happiest.

Power Fusion with Nicole

Step into a lively class filled with power yoga moves that incorporate weights and resistance bands.

Follow the music as you focus on form and strengthen your glutes, thighs, and core. 

10-Minute Core Workout w/ Pam

Short on time? No problem! 

In only 10 minutes, follow a toning workout based on yoga fundamentals. 

Expect to leave Pam’s class feeling strong yet grounded.

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow with Katrina

Experience power flow benefits with creative sequencing.

Katrina provides many opportunities to find arm balances and inversions. Take your yoga expertise to the next level with an intermediate class by Katrina.

40-Minute Layered Flow with Pam

Let Pam guide you through a skillfully sequenced layered flow.

Time will fly by as you lose yourself in the movement and focus on your mind-body-spirit connection. 

Find the Benefits of Power Yoga Workouts at Home

It’s easier than ever to find a full-body workout at home that will benefit your body and mind. 

Powerflow On the Go makes power yoga accessible whether you are at home, on vacation, or at the beach. 

Find your favorite power yoga instructor and enjoy the benefits of regular yoga practice. 

Find your favorite power yoga instructor and enjoy the benefits of regular yoga practice. Explore our catalog now!

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