Q. Why should I choose Flow and Go Yoga? 

A. Flow and Go Yoga is perfect for those who live a busy lifestyle. Are you a healthcare/frontline worker? Have a busy career? Or maybe you're just a mom or dad who can't get away for 60 whole minutes. Flow and Go Yoga's quick and effective 20 minute sessions will have you energized and feeling great for whatever else your day offers. 

Maybe you're new to yoga and just getting started. Flow and Go Yoga is a great place to start! Our 20 minute sessions are a great place to get introduced to yoga, flow and feel good. The majority of our flows include modifications and options to build and grow your practice so you're completely supported. 

Q. Do I need to be experienced to join? 

A. Of course not! See above! Even if you're completely new or hesitant about starting your practice, we're here for you. If you have concerns or questions, reach out and send us an email at

Q. How do I know if it's worth it? 

A. If you can make 5 or 6 sessions a month, it's worth it. That's approximately the equivalent cost of 2 drop-in yoga sessions. 

Q. Can I join without other people seeing me? 

A. ABSOLUTELY!! That's the only option. It's set up so that you can see me but no one can see you (not even me!) so you never have to worry about people watching you. Just do your best in your home practice and remember, you can message us directly if you need a little extra support.

Q. What if I have questions or need help? 

A. I'm here for you! If you have questions, message me after the session and I'll help you out. I respond because I want you to feel supported and empowered in your practice. 

Q. What if the times don't work for me? 

A. We're always adding times as we grow and expand. We're adding more times and instrcutors across all North American time zones. If there's a specific time you'd like so that you can flow live with us, let us know! You can send us an email with your request at 

Q. Is 20 minutes enough? 

A. Absolutely! To get moving, build strength and ground yourself, 20 minutes is plenty. If you're looking to incorporate yoga, movement and focus into your life, 20 minutes multiple times a week is a great way to welcome change and growth into your life. It's our promise that you'll be surprised by how good you can feel in just 20 minutes!

Q. How do I join sessions?

A. Simply login and you'll have access to the live sessions and video on demand replays! (Coming soon!)

Q. Why is the schedule so random?

A. The schedule changes your needs and our needs change. We do our best to your requested times. The schedule will become more consistent as additional instructors are added. That said, keep your requests coming!