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Power Yoga Sequence for Beginners

Power yoga may be new to you if you prefer other kinds of exercise or even if you are a practiced yogi. 

Instead of feeling like you have to master the workout the first time you try it, ease your way in with a yoga sequence for beginners. 

Once you get the hang of the format, you will be pleasantly surprised at how vigorous and energizing a power yoga sequence can be. 

What is Power Yoga?

What Is Power Yoga?

A power yoga sequence consists of a series of Vinyasa movements that are more fast-paced than a regular yoga workout plan. 

As you move from movement to movement, the instructor will guide you through your breathing technique to get the most out of the workout – physically and mentally. 

According to WebMD, “Power yoga is one of the most athletic forms of yoga.

Based on the sequence of poses in Ashtanga yoga, power yoga builds upper-body strength and helps make you more flexible and balanced. You flow from one pose to another.”

If you always put off yoga, thinking it is too easy, it’s time to try power yoga for beginners. 

Powerflow On the Go is a great way to access a power yoga sequence for the first time. Our Power Hour sessions will demonstrate what a typical power yoga session can offer. 

Accessible Yoga

Finding a yoga sequence for beginners is accessible to all fitness levels, ages, and stages of recovery. 

You can take part in a yoga workout plan if you have physical limitations. Each instructor will offer modifications. 

It is common for participants to use props and helps along the way to achieve success during a beginner yoga class. 

A power yoga sequence can offer the same modifications. You can move slower than the instructor or hit the poses differently than other participants. 

Always do what feels right for your body. 

Power Yoga: Low-Impact Bodyweight Exercise

Instead of buying expensive equipment, all you need is a yoga mat or a towel. 

You can work through a power yoga sequence by using your body weight to build strength and flexibility. 

Power yoga for beginners is one of the most vigorous forms of yoga.

Enjoy the cardiovascular benefits without putting strain on your muscles. 

Modifications Welcome 

Yoga for beginners will always include modifications. Even expert yogis use modifications. 

Each yoga sequence for beginners and beyond is about staying in tune with your body. 

You can access yoga tutorials to learn more about specific poses. 

The instructors will always remind you that modifications are welcome and standard in a power yoga sequence. 

Focus on The Flow

As you practice power yoga, you will learn that the flow of movements is more important than getting a pose down perfectly. 

The flow of movement is the most powerful part of power yoga, promoting an increased heart rate. 

Beginner Power Yoga Workout

Beginner Power Yoga Workout

Any new workout can feel intimidating at first. 

A beginner power yoga sequence can feel exciting and overwhelming at the same time. 

Women’s Health describes what sets power yoga apart: “Vinyasa yoga boasts more variety than other practices, too. There are baseline moves you’ll encounter in most classes with some repetition of postures. But if you’re quickly bored by yoga styles with a monotonous routine, rest assured that Vinyasa mixes it up.”

Once you get used to the upbeat pace, you can focus your mind on pushing your body and finding mental healing through the exercise. 

Beginner-Friendly Faves

You will quickly find out that a power yoga sequence includes movements that are familiar. 

These movements are essential to creating a flow that will feed your soul and body. 

Downward Dog

Move your body into a downward dog by starting on your hands and knees. 

Then walk your hands out while lifting your knees off the floor and pressing your hips toward the sky. Your body will form a triangle. 

Breathe into this movement and wait for the cue to move on to the next. 

High Planks

Planks are essential poses for your yoga workout plan. 

Lay flat on your stomach, and then lift your body off the ground as you straighten your arms and go up onto your toes. 

Your body should form a straight line from heels to shoulders as if you are a plank of wood. 

Keep your core tight and breathe in and out. 

Child’s Pose

You can find a sense of familiarity and safety in the child’s pose. 

Start on your hands and knees and lean your glutes back until they are seated back against your heels, with your chest pressed forward. 

Stretch your arms out straight ahead of you and press your shoulders into the floor. 

Lean into the stretch as you breathe and flatten your body as close to the floor as possible. 

Sun Salutation A

A power yoga sequence that is common to any class is the sun salutation sequence. 

You will start standing straight and move through a series of movements that open up your chest. 

Bend your body, swoop toward the floor, and open your body up to receive warmth and power from the sun. 

Connecting your mind with your body is essential in beginner yoga, and your instructor will guide you through the process. 

Power Flow Yoga Tips for Beginners

Power Flow Yoga Tips for Beginners

Now that you know some movements that are included in a power yoga sequence, it’s time to try a session. 

Each type of yoga for beginners will include a sequence of poses. Power yoga just happens to be upbeat and moves to the music. 

Finding a Beginner Power Yoga Sequence

Trying a Powerflow On the Go session is the perfect way to find a beginner power yoga sequence. 

Listen to the instructor as you learn about modifications and how you can find the flow that makes sense for your body. 


Familiar movements are found in power yoga. It is how you move through them that defines a power yoga sequence. 

For example, lean back into your squat with purpose and vigor. 

It is power yoga, after all. 

Chair Pose

With the chair pose, you lengthen your upper body as you lean back with your hips into a pretend seated position. 

Breathe into the pose as you reach your arms to the sky and hold your core tight. 


Unlike the lunge you practice during a HIIT workout, the power yoga lunge implements breathing and opening up your chest to optimize the movement. 

Take a quick stop at a lunge and move into warrior pose. Before you know it, you will find a power yoga sequence enlightening and addicting. 

Your body will soon crave the movements with enough practice. 

Don’t Let Power Yoga Intimidate You

Liven up your workout routine with a new form of exercise. 

Stretching your body and mind to new heights, power yoga for beginners is never a bad idea. 

The Guardian explains, “The truth is that there is a class to suit you whatever your body type or temperament. Yoga develops strength and balance as well as flexibility – the latter is a consequence of practicing yoga, not a prerequisite. No one has turned up to their first yoga class (unless they were a dancer or a gymnast) able to execute advanced yoga poses.”

There is no reason to feel intimidated. You are just like everyone else, wanting to move your body and experience the benefits of yoga. 

Power yoga can provide cardiovascular benefits, mobility, endurance, and mental clarity. 

Learn more about yoga for beginners. 

Want to improve your body and experience the benefits of yoga? Learn more about yoga for beginners!